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VEGAN Fig & Quinoa FLOURLESS Slice* (Box 10)

Group 17558.png

Healthy combination of fruits, seeds and figs mixed with quinoa and baked to golden brown perfection in a soft delicious texture.
*FLOURLESS & VEGAN ingredients used*
* Made in premises and on equipment also processing wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy & animal products

Homemade Chocolate Brownie Slice (Box 10)

Group 17558.png

Traditional favorite based upon a homemade recipe, moist, chocolate cakey brownie with a very morish taste.

Toffee Honey Comb with Happy Time Slice (Box 10)

Group 17558.png

White chocolate and caramel biscuit base with a creamy white chocolate layer. Covered in crunchy chocolate coated hokey pokey, chocolate and a toffee biscuit crumb.

Choc Mallow Wheel FLOURLESS Slice* (Box 10)

Group 17558.png

Crunchy biscuit smothered with raspberry jam, spread with fluffy marshmallow and topped off with chocolate.

*FLOURLESS ingredients used*
*Made in premises and on equipment also processing flour and gluten products.

Peppermint Slice (Box 10)

Group 17558.png

Chocolate and biscuit slice with peppermint cream icing, topped with chocolate shavings.

Hedgehog Slice (Box 10)

Group 17558.png

Classic favorite of chocolate, coconut and crunchy biscuits with a chocolate top.

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